Deck the Halls and Clear the Decks for 2024

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Deck the Halls and Clear the Decks for 2024

If you find yourself racing toward the end of the year like a runner to the finish line, you’re not alone. At work, the last quarter of the year can be busier than all the other months combined. At home, the holidays are approaching – a real source of stress for some people. So, if you’re not quite ready for the annual planning and goal setting and making of resolutions, that’s okay. There’s still a way you can make a fresh start in the New Year: Just remember what you already know.

Remember, focus brings calm. The last few years, many leaders have reported that they and their teams are working harder than ever yet feeling less productive. Taking on more and more is a common way to tackle productivity, but it isn’t very sustainable. Shift your thinking from getting more done to getting back time. Start by slowing down and focus on doing fewer things better.

Remember, change is good. Leaders are agents for change – seeking out opportunities to experiment, grow, innovate and improve. Several years ago, leaders were forced to change as the way we live, work and do business was turned on its head. Now that things have re-stabilized it may take more courage to choose change. Smart leaders are working now to re-charge and re-energize for continued opportunities.

Remember, progress has power. Sometimes we allow a marking period such as the calendar year end to have an outsized effect on how we feel about our performance. It ends up being self-defeating because the more we experience a sense of progress, the more likely we are to be productive in the long run. Build back energy by highlighting signs of progress. Celebrate the wins no matter how small.

Remember, listening is love. As leaders, we often talk too much and listen too little. When under pressure, you may retreat into yourself or revert to familiar habits and behaviors. But when we are all at our busiest, our team members need to feel connected and cared for. Listening is one of the best ways to let them know they matter, and to create the psychological safety they need to do their very best work.

In challenging busy seasons, it’s easy and so human to act in ways we don’t intend. What leadership fundamentals do you already know? What would you like to bring back in the New Year?


With the New Year in sight, we at Tandem Partners want to thank you for your friendship and wish you good health, happiness, and much success in 2024.