Get On The Bus

Get On The Bus

In this pandemic year, back-to-school has taken on a new, and very confusing meaning. Depending on the region, schools may not be fully reopening – while others have announced virtual learning until later in the year. Traditional jitters have been magnified by the uncertainty that parents and children face this new school year. 

Likewise, businesses are encountering unprecedented conditions as families struggle with childcare arrangements and strained schedules. Though these times find us with extraordinary circumstances there’s still good reason to prepare for the “next semester” of your business. 

Though the “back to school” timeframe serves as a reminder to start fresh and to sharpen the pencil – it’s not the only time of year to make an appointment with yourself to “work on the business.” Make your own business a client for a day and focus on marketing as your important subject. 

Here’s your homework assignment:

1. Review what your customers see in person and online. This could mean “walking” the building to really see what your customers see – signage, artwork, the front desk – all those things you “see” every day but never notice. These are the actual things your customers or prospects observe as their first impression. Next, take a deep dive into your online appearance. Search your company name, and your name, and check how your website is rendering on mobile devices. Is there any confusing information – old addresses, ex-employees, reviews that are surprises? If so, have a professional repair these so your online presence is accurate and inviting. 

2. Read your website content – does it encourage engagement? Sure, a couple years ago you tackled that new site, proofed the text and approved some pictures – but how’s it holding up today? Are you really in the same business as you were years back? Are you simply telling readers what you do instead of how well you do them? Are the images clear and up-to-date? Just read your website like you would if you were evaluating a company to engage.  

3. Reach out to customers with something informative and interesting. If you’re like most business owners, you have great ideas, interesting perspectives and the ability to “share your brain.” But like so many others, you never take the time to do so. You’re not alone, it’s a very popular oversight. It’s important to establish a schedule for blogging to improve your online value. People want to hire a business that is intelligent, informative and interesting. Using LinkedIn, social media and a regular email campaign will impress your customers and prospects.  

If your company feels stuck, then do something that wakes up your audience.  Just like school, tackle a one assignment at a time, read and write about it and master it. You’ll be surprised what a difference a regular marketing  program will make. It starts by doing your homework!

Remember: For your company – everything is marketing.