If I Want Something Done I’ll Do it Myself

If I Want Something Done I’ll Do it Myself

The If-I-Want-Something-Done-I’ll-Do-It-Myself Solution – 

A business owner named Sue had initiated a succession process at her company. Like many leaders, Sue struggled to relinquish responsibility to younger leaders. She’d always been reluctant to delegate, and often found herself re-doing others’ work. This tendency seemed to intensify as she began planning for succession. Sue wasn’t comforted to know that “letting go” is a common challenge. Understanding the psychological roots of her need for control didn’t help much, either.  

The Solution: Step back to move forward. Sue took a low-risk action to help shift her long-standing behavior. Every Tuesday she physically removed herself from the office and did not send or respond to any calls or emails. At first, “Suesdays” were uncomfortable for everyone. But over time, Sue learned more about the capabilities of her key people and saw that a step back wasn’t a setback. If you’re a DIY kind of leader, a structured approach might work for you, too. Even if you’re nowhere near retirement. And even if your name doesn’t rhyme with a day of the week.

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