Voted Best Place to Work

Voted Best Place to Work

Did you know that nearly a quarter of the U.S. workforce spends part of each day working at home? Commutes are longer, offices are smaller and technology is better – all contributing to the number of people who work from home at least part of the time. This isn’t groundbreaking for Copreneurs, of course. You wrote your first business plan at the kitchen table and celebrated your last success in the backyard. But no matter where you are in business, you’ve still got to balance where and how you work together.

Define Your Space – If you’re just starting out as a home-based business, arrange for separate work spaces, preferably in different rooms or floors of your home. Same goes even if you have a mature business with a large facility. Work may follow you home at times, so make sure you have designated areas where you each can concentrate on work when needed. 

Commute Separately – It may seem convenient to drive or ride together to work, but consider whether commuting separately is a healthier approach. A buffer between home and work helps ward off too much togetherness. It’s an intentional boundary between here and there. And it sends a message to employees that just because you’re a couple, you’re not inseparable. 

Make an Appointment – In the business, each of your roles is important and you want your partner to know that their work is valued. That means you can’t just waltz in and interrupt any time you feel like it. Make a pact about “blurting.” Unless something is truly urgent, save up items for discussion and set a time to talk about a slew of things at once. It’s good for your relationship, as well as your personal productivity. 

Plan for “CTO” – You’ve heard of PTO, but do you plan for CTO? Couple Time Off is especially important for Copreneurs. Working together isn’t the same as being connected to each other. So make sure you schedule breaks, recreation, and enjoyable activities together where you’re not talking about work. You’ve gotta work full-time on your relationship, as well as your business for it to be a success.  

This Week: Are your business lives and personal lives seeping into each other? What can you change in your schedule or physical environment to gain some separation?

It’s hard to be nimble when you’re joined at the hip.