When Business is More than 9 to 5

Margaret and Ron Wilson have the experience to help couples manage the challenges they face in starting or growing a business together. Business couples share responsibilities that demand a greater perspective on balancing their business partnership and personal relationship. Open communication, upfront agreements and smooth work processes are vital to the success of the business and relationship.


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Couples who run a business together have unique challenges. Juggling roles, sharing power, managing risk and talking about money, just to name a few. These challenges demand greater coordination and communication than for couples who work separately. Very simply, when couples share both a business and personal relationship, it’s a tricky balancing act.

The Power of Two2 is designed to help business couples manage the challenges they face in starting or growing a business together. Margaret and Ron Wilson share what they’ve learned about balancing acts, both as advisors to Business Couples and as married business partners themselves.

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For Entrepreneurial Couples

For Entrepreneurial Couples – When Business Is More Than 9 To 5

Entrepreneurship is surging. In 2020, there were more than 4.4 million new businesses started – a 24% jump from the prior year. In many cases, founders are counting on a sibling, a spouse, or a colleague with a complimentary skill set.

To help you increase your business alignment and personal connection, we’re sharing six of our favorite conversations about communication, conflict, roles and more. This compilation might help you discover new and meaningful ways to Work Better Together.

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