Home Remedies for Leaders: The Too-Busy-To-Meet-With-My-Team Tonic

When you’re a leader, it’s easy to become preoccupied with your own significant workload. However, when that happens, you’re necessarily less available to your team. Of course, there will always be issues that you personally must attend to.  But think about what it means to be a leader:  Leaders lead people. Without your consistent involvement, people won’t have the guidance they need to meet their objectives – which ultimately is your objective. 

The Tonic:  Set an alarm and don’t hit snooze.  With our smart phones as constant companions, it’s easy to set up reminders.  People set alarms for all kinds of things – from when to take medication to reminders for mindfulness and meditation. So why not set a reminder for meeting with your team?  There should be an app for that.

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